Monday, 8 August 2016

MyShowcase - A New Way to Discover and Buy Beauty Products


 What is MyShowcase?

MyShowcase is a Personal Beauty Shopping Service which helps women to discover the best beauty products, from 45+ of the best independent brands selected by award-winning beauty editor, Kate Shapland.

The MyShowcase brand's product line-up are available through Independent Stylists at private showcases in homes and offices and via Stylists bring together a direct sales approach with a contemporary, social shopping experience so that customers can discover and buy new beauty brands whilst shopping with friends.

MyShowcase were awarded Winner of the 2016 Excellence ("best company") Award from the UK Direct Sales Association

Why I chose MyShowcase?

I had worked in direct selling before with Pampered Chef and NYR Organics before leaving them to pursue my career in management in the beauty retail industry. I was looking at getting back into it but wanted to go with company that wasn't all over my town. There are too many Avon, Younique, Mary Kay, you name it and you'll find a dozen or more in the town. I also wanted to go with a company that offered a wide range of products for my clients with a price that was right for everyones budget.

MyShowcase ticked all the boxes for me. It was established but still young meaning there are very few in our county ( yes I said county not town!). The product range carried over 45 brands not just one, which meant I could give my customers a variety of options and find the perfect product for their   requirements and budget. There was also a choice of 3 kits, again aimed at a cost you could afford.
All 3 Kits and Prices can be viewed though the picture.
I also think that the host rewards are one of the best I have seen in direct selling, as the host is not required to get orders to get a generous 20% off the products. If the host does gets orders that is a bonus and will unlock even more.

If you would love to know more about MyShowcase, either to buy products, be a host or even join this fab business opportunity with me. Feel free to visit my website

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Great News for Beauty Alchemy Blog!

I've always enjoyed writing. Since I was little I used to write songs, poetry, stories. I've even had poetry published.

I started blogging just over 5 years ago, after I had my first born. It was a way of having some me time, relaxing and enjoyment. As you know, I love skincare and as well as blogging about it, I've worked with several high end brands.

Since having my 2nd daughter, my posts have been a bit thin on the ground. Mainly due to not only is she very clingy, but also I work full time running a store.

However,  I greatly miss writing and giving you, my lovely readers my reviews, my knowledge on beauty.  With this, I came across a wonderful opportunity to excel myself in learning more about blogging and creative writing, becoming a Contributor to an online magazine.

Shopper Lottie is a collection of bloggers from all types of fields. 

I will be posting my links to pages on the site here, so please take a look.

My first post is the Smashbox Christmas Palette. 

Happy Reading,  Rachel xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

The Gourmand Diamond.

A dazzling gourmand diamond has been added to the Emporio Armani Diamonds collection.

I was a huge fan of the original fruity floral diamond back in 2007 incasing fruits and flowers I adore. The Rose addition was a fresh cut in 2013, and I was very surprised I couldn't smell vetiver in this ( a scent I can not withstand).

When I heard they were bringing out the violet addition, let's say I was just a little bit excited.  Although I kind of had a different scent in my head, I am definitely not disappointed.

As you may know gourmand Fragrances are the 21st century fragrance. I would like to think this is because 'we' of course are meant to be made out of " all things, sugar and spice". A fragrance which is made of scents good enough to eat.

The Violet addition at first smells very similar to her original sister, with a sweeter top note. This is because with the exception of the addition of passionfruit in the top note, The top and heart note are the same.

Give it a few minutes for the Base note to settle in and a nutty chocolate praline twist amerges. Giving this diamond a more seductive, mysterious edge to scent.

Notes for the fruity floral gourmand include lychee, raspberry, passion fruit, rose, lily of the valley, violet, patchouli, vanilla and praline.

This is one for my collection, personally I adore the Diamond's range, as each one suits a different mood for me.

The price is very competitive as well with a 50ml coming in at just £37 from all good retailers.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

I've finally met my ALIEN!

I love fragrances, the different ingredients and chemistry behind it. It's like science and magic combined with art.

With this I appreciate the Thierry Muglar unique scents of Angel, not only is it their 1st fragrance but one that creates a totally new fragrance family, the gourmand. A fragrance that combines ingredients good enough to eat.

Then there's the extraordinate and unique universe of Alien, 4 to be exact ranging from delicate and light to the most intense.

Both these fragrance collections are captured within the most beautiful bottles making it stand out on ones dressing table like a fine piece of art or jewel.

As unique as The Thierry Muglar fragrances are, I often think they remind me of marmite. You either love it or hate it.

For me, they are not a scent I would wear. That was before the NEW Alien Essence A Solus, an Eau de Perfum Intense arrived.

The most intense of the family infused with double of the signature ingredients from her Queen with the added notes of the Heliotrope flower a rich floral and the powdery notes of Iris. Add a dose of the warm notes of myrh and the sweetness of vanilla, gives birth to a bewitching and hypnotic scent, that has most definitely but a spell on me.

The bottle doesn't disappoint with the classic Alien head it's body is inspired by drops of gold with sculptured facets and gorgeous curves. It's fits in the hand like a glove.

The Thierry Muglar range are available from all good perfume stockist.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Diamonds are a girls best friend - Gucci Guilty Diamonds

We all like diamonds don't we girls? I mean who can't resist the beautifully cut, shimmering stone, radiating it's glow of reflection and elegance?
 Team it up with Gucci and what do you have, of course the most desirable bottle of perfume one girl could have on her dressing table. Well, I think so anyways :-)!

That's right Gucci's iconic fragrance now comes in a limited edition flacon adorned with 60 glittering diamond cut glass gems to which each stone has been place by hand. OOOHHH I can hear you say, and yes OMG the bottle is stunning as you can see here.

This is definitely going into my perfume bottle collection.
 They haven't forgotten about the guy's either. With just two glittering glass diamonds on either side.

If you haven't tried Gucci's, Gucci Guilty before. Now is the time to go and try it and indulge in moments of guilty pleasure.  Get captured in the alluring concoction of lilac and patchouli, laced with the voluptuousness of amber. Its like Mr Grey in a bottle!

This limited edition is exclusively available from The Perfume Shop.

Please note:  The opinions on this blog post is of my own. I have updated my blog disclosure inline with this blog post. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Katherine Daniels - Skincare Review*

I love skincare, and who doesn't? and this latest brand I have come across is going to be added to my list of favourites.

Katherine Daniels Cosmetics is a brand that is new to 2014. Developed by two skincare experts, who have worked for many years with salons and therapist. They realised there was a gap in the British salon market with treating the most common skin types and conditions, whilst taking into consideration client lifestyle, environment and our climate.

With active ingredients are from plant, marine, Collagen and biotechnology sources ( I love active ingredients from marine as you know ), they provide result driven treatments for the salon and a retail line for the face and body for clients to use at home.

Their mission is simple - Giving salons the tools to truly treat skin in the UK effectively and to de-mystify skincare for everyone ( you can expect outstanding results without complicated products and confusing regimes).

I was kindly given a trial size pack for sensitive skin ( I was given the option either for dry or sensitive ), I chose the sensitive as my skin isn't particularly dry . I would say normal with a slight ( and very slight ) oily t-zone and sometimes it can be a little sensitive to products.

I thought the packaging of the products is very chic and stylish, yet beautifully simple, fitting well in a spa, or even in premium department stores beauty halls.
The trial pack contained:
Essential Cleansing Milk
Essential Toning Lotion
Sensitive Skin Cream

Now I am not one for using a cleansing milk, as prefer to wash whilst in the shower every morning. I was pleasantly surprised how luxurious this milk felt but yet it wasn't as thick as most cleansing milks are. It was very gentle and light, making the skin feel incredibly soft , smooth and hydrated. It didn't make my skin feel tight or dry as i have found a lot of milks do. I still however, preferred to use this as a night cleanser due to my preference of my morning cleansing of my face. I would love for that reason to try the gel cleanser which would probably suit me more for in the shower.

I fall in love with the toning lotion. The smell is divine and even better it felt great on the skin. This is one of the toners that doesn't contain alcohol ( which dries the skin out ). It contains red seaweed extract, which helps soothes the skin and this toner certainly does. I felt I could bathe my skin in this as it felt so lovely on the skin. It also a toner that you may need to pat off slightly, but I normally just wipe over with the back of the cotton pad and let the skin drink the rest before applying a serum. You don't need a lot of the toner either on the pad for it to be soaked, so goes a long way.

The sensitive skin cream is much like the cleansing milk in the sense that it even though it is so simple, it feels so luxurious. You need a small amount to do both your face and neck as a little definitely goes a long way. The cream feels more like a gel, soothing your face like water, it instantly hydrates and makes your face feel so soft. I keep this one in my gym bag now too.

I managed to get a good 3 weeks out of the toner and still have some of the milk and cream left ( now 4 weeks ) and my skin looks and feels great. Its smooth, plump and glowing.

Prices for the products are competitively priced, sitting in the range of premium high street/ luxury department store with their essentials starting at £19, their creams at £34.50.

For more information on Katherine Daniels or to find a salon near you please visit :

Friday, 7 March 2014

Phd Women Nutrition Supplement Range Review Part 1

Sports nutrition is big in the male market with pills, shakes and bars to supplement your workout, build muscles, get lean, the list goes on.

As we know male and female bodies are different and require different needs regards to calories, vitamins and minerals.

PhD has been specifically designed to meet these needs for active women.  In this post, I will give you an introduction to PhD Women and there product range. I was kindly given to test and review some of their products. The post will have a  follow up post, part 2 with how I got on with the products, a review in a few weeks time.

The PhD Women Range

The products are spilt into 3 ranges:
Each shake and bar contains protein and designed to work with your workout to support you, help you recover and to help achieve a more tones/leaned and sculptured body.

Designed to help you get the best from your workout. All products contain proven ingredients to aid muscle tone and help your body repair and recover, as well as a tailored combination of female friendly vitamins and minerals, chosen to help you make the most of your busy lifestyle.

Products in this range include:
Support and Recovery Shake - Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Crème or Strawberry Delight
Support and Recovery Bars - Chocolate Orange or Summer Berries

Weight Control
 Nutritional products designed to support the needs of the active woman. PhD Women weight loss products are intelligent formulations that have been created to help you lose weight, safely and effectively, whilst also achieving your exercise goals.

Products in this range include:
Meal Replacement Shake - Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Crème or Strawberry Delight
CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid Tablets
Body Sculpt Tablets -Food supplement capsules with Caffeine, Green Tea and L-Tyrosine.

Designed to keep you going, when you just need that little bit of extra help. With only 98 calories, they are perfect for when you need a boost.

Products in this range are:
Energy Bars - Chocolate Orange or Apple and Blackcurrant

Their website has some great tips as well like some exercises and healthy food.

If you go to their Academy page - you can download their weekly food plan, for either weight loss, toning or energy.

In the pack I received to review, I was given:
Chocolate Cookie Recovery and Support
2 sachet of Vanilla Crème Meal Replacement
2 sachet of Chocolate Cookie Meal Replacement
2 packs of Energy bars - one of each flavour
2 packs of Recovery and Support bars - one of each flavour
CLA Tablets
A Shaker.

Part 2 of this blog will up in a few weeks time, with progress of my start and finishing measurements and how I got with the products.