Monday, 8 August 2016

MyShowcase - A New Way to Discover and Buy Beauty Products


 What is MyShowcase?

MyShowcase is a Personal Beauty Shopping Service which helps women to discover the best beauty products, from 45+ of the best independent brands selected by award-winning beauty editor, Kate Shapland.

The MyShowcase brand's product line-up are available through Independent Stylists at private showcases in homes and offices and via Stylists bring together a direct sales approach with a contemporary, social shopping experience so that customers can discover and buy new beauty brands whilst shopping with friends.

MyShowcase were awarded Winner of the 2016 Excellence ("best company") Award from the UK Direct Sales Association

Why I chose MyShowcase?

I had worked in direct selling before with Pampered Chef and NYR Organics before leaving them to pursue my career in management in the beauty retail industry. I was looking at getting back into it but wanted to go with company that wasn't all over my town. There are too many Avon, Younique, Mary Kay, you name it and you'll find a dozen or more in the town. I also wanted to go with a company that offered a wide range of products for my clients with a price that was right for everyones budget.

MyShowcase ticked all the boxes for me. It was established but still young meaning there are very few in our county ( yes I said county not town!). The product range carried over 45 brands not just one, which meant I could give my customers a variety of options and find the perfect product for their   requirements and budget. There was also a choice of 3 kits, again aimed at a cost you could afford.
All 3 Kits and Prices can be viewed though the picture.
I also think that the host rewards are one of the best I have seen in direct selling, as the host is not required to get orders to get a generous 20% off the products. If the host does gets orders that is a bonus and will unlock even more.

If you would love to know more about MyShowcase, either to buy products, be a host or even join this fab business opportunity with me. Feel free to visit my website

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