Saturday, 13 June 2015

I've finally met my ALIEN!

I love fragrances, the different ingredients and chemistry behind it. It's like science and magic combined with art.

With this I appreciate the Thierry Muglar unique scents of Angel, not only is it their 1st fragrance but one that creates a totally new fragrance family, the gourmand. A fragrance that combines ingredients good enough to eat.

Then there's the extraordinate and unique universe of Alien, 4 to be exact ranging from delicate and light to the most intense.

Both these fragrance collections are captured within the most beautiful bottles making it stand out on ones dressing table like a fine piece of art or jewel.

As unique as The Thierry Muglar fragrances are, I often think they remind me of marmite. You either love it or hate it.

For me, they are not a scent I would wear. That was before the NEW Alien Essence A Solus, an Eau de Perfum Intense arrived.

The most intense of the family infused with double of the signature ingredients from her Queen with the added notes of the Heliotrope flower a rich floral and the powdery notes of Iris. Add a dose of the warm notes of myrh and the sweetness of vanilla, gives birth to a bewitching and hypnotic scent, that has most definitely but a spell on me.

The bottle doesn't disappoint with the classic Alien head it's body is inspired by drops of gold with sculptured facets and gorgeous curves. It's fits in the hand like a glove.

The Thierry Muglar range are available from all good perfume stockist.

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