Friday, 17 July 2015

The Gourmand Diamond.

A dazzling gourmand diamond has been added to the Emporio Armani Diamonds collection.

I was a huge fan of the original fruity floral diamond back in 2007 incasing fruits and flowers I adore. The Rose addition was a fresh cut in 2013, and I was very surprised I couldn't smell vetiver in this ( a scent I can not withstand).

When I heard they were bringing out the violet addition, let's say I was just a little bit excited.  Although I kind of had a different scent in my head, I am definitely not disappointed.

As you may know gourmand Fragrances are the 21st century fragrance. I would like to think this is because 'we' of course are meant to be made out of " all things, sugar and spice". A fragrance which is made of scents good enough to eat.

The Violet addition at first smells very similar to her original sister, with a sweeter top note. This is because with the exception of the addition of passionfruit in the top note, The top and heart note are the same.

Give it a few minutes for the Base note to settle in and a nutty chocolate praline twist amerges. Giving this diamond a more seductive, mysterious edge to scent.

Notes for the fruity floral gourmand include lychee, raspberry, passion fruit, rose, lily of the valley, violet, patchouli, vanilla and praline.

This is one for my collection, personally I adore the Diamond's range, as each one suits a different mood for me.

The price is very competitive as well with a 50ml coming in at just £37 from all good retailers.

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