Thursday, 5 February 2015

Diamonds are a girls best friend - Gucci Guilty Diamonds

We all like diamonds don't we girls? I mean who can't resist the beautifully cut, shimmering stone, radiating it's glow of reflection and elegance?
 Team it up with Gucci and what do you have, of course the most desirable bottle of perfume one girl could have on her dressing table. Well, I think so anyways :-)!

That's right Gucci's iconic fragrance now comes in a limited edition flacon adorned with 60 glittering diamond cut glass gems to which each stone has been place by hand. OOOHHH I can hear you say, and yes OMG the bottle is stunning as you can see here.

This is definitely going into my perfume bottle collection.
 They haven't forgotten about the guy's either. With just two glittering glass diamonds on either side.

If you haven't tried Gucci's, Gucci Guilty before. Now is the time to go and try it and indulge in moments of guilty pleasure.  Get captured in the alluring concoction of lilac and patchouli, laced with the voluptuousness of amber. Its like Mr Grey in a bottle!

This limited edition is exclusively available from The Perfume Shop.

Please note:  The opinions on this blog post is of my own. I have updated my blog disclosure inline with this blog post. 

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