Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Katherine Daniels - Skincare Review*

I love skincare, and who doesn't? and this latest brand I have come across is going to be added to my list of favourites.

Katherine Daniels Cosmetics is a brand that is new to 2014. Developed by two skincare experts, who have worked for many years with salons and therapist. They realised there was a gap in the British salon market with treating the most common skin types and conditions, whilst taking into consideration client lifestyle, environment and our climate.

With active ingredients are from plant, marine, Collagen and biotechnology sources ( I love active ingredients from marine as you know ), they provide result driven treatments for the salon and a retail line for the face and body for clients to use at home.

Their mission is simple - Giving salons the tools to truly treat skin in the UK effectively and to de-mystify skincare for everyone ( you can expect outstanding results without complicated products and confusing regimes).

I was kindly given a trial size pack for sensitive skin ( I was given the option either for dry or sensitive ), I chose the sensitive as my skin isn't particularly dry . I would say normal with a slight ( and very slight ) oily t-zone and sometimes it can be a little sensitive to products.

I thought the packaging of the products is very chic and stylish, yet beautifully simple, fitting well in a spa, or even in premium department stores beauty halls.
The trial pack contained:
Essential Cleansing Milk
Essential Toning Lotion
Sensitive Skin Cream

Now I am not one for using a cleansing milk, as prefer to wash whilst in the shower every morning. I was pleasantly surprised how luxurious this milk felt but yet it wasn't as thick as most cleansing milks are. It was very gentle and light, making the skin feel incredibly soft , smooth and hydrated. It didn't make my skin feel tight or dry as i have found a lot of milks do. I still however, preferred to use this as a night cleanser due to my preference of my morning cleansing of my face. I would love for that reason to try the gel cleanser which would probably suit me more for in the shower.

I fall in love with the toning lotion. The smell is divine and even better it felt great on the skin. This is one of the toners that doesn't contain alcohol ( which dries the skin out ). It contains red seaweed extract, which helps soothes the skin and this toner certainly does. I felt I could bathe my skin in this as it felt so lovely on the skin. It also a toner that you may need to pat off slightly, but I normally just wipe over with the back of the cotton pad and let the skin drink the rest before applying a serum. You don't need a lot of the toner either on the pad for it to be soaked, so goes a long way.

The sensitive skin cream is much like the cleansing milk in the sense that it even though it is so simple, it feels so luxurious. You need a small amount to do both your face and neck as a little definitely goes a long way. The cream feels more like a gel, soothing your face like water, it instantly hydrates and makes your face feel so soft. I keep this one in my gym bag now too.

I managed to get a good 3 weeks out of the toner and still have some of the milk and cream left ( now 4 weeks ) and my skin looks and feels great. Its smooth, plump and glowing.

Prices for the products are competitively priced, sitting in the range of premium high street/ luxury department store with their essentials starting at £19, their creams at £34.50.

For more information on Katherine Daniels or to find a salon near you please visit :

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