Friday, 7 March 2014

Phd Women Nutrition Supplement Range Review Part 1

Sports nutrition is big in the male market with pills, shakes and bars to supplement your workout, build muscles, get lean, the list goes on.

As we know male and female bodies are different and require different needs regards to calories, vitamins and minerals.

PhD has been specifically designed to meet these needs for active women.  In this post, I will give you an introduction to PhD Women and there product range. I was kindly given to test and review some of their products. The post will have a  follow up post, part 2 with how I got on with the products, a review in a few weeks time.

The PhD Women Range

The products are spilt into 3 ranges:
Each shake and bar contains protein and designed to work with your workout to support you, help you recover and to help achieve a more tones/leaned and sculptured body.

Designed to help you get the best from your workout. All products contain proven ingredients to aid muscle tone and help your body repair and recover, as well as a tailored combination of female friendly vitamins and minerals, chosen to help you make the most of your busy lifestyle.

Products in this range include:
Support and Recovery Shake - Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Crème or Strawberry Delight
Support and Recovery Bars - Chocolate Orange or Summer Berries

Weight Control
 Nutritional products designed to support the needs of the active woman. PhD Women weight loss products are intelligent formulations that have been created to help you lose weight, safely and effectively, whilst also achieving your exercise goals.

Products in this range include:
Meal Replacement Shake - Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Crème or Strawberry Delight
CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid Tablets
Body Sculpt Tablets -Food supplement capsules with Caffeine, Green Tea and L-Tyrosine.

Designed to keep you going, when you just need that little bit of extra help. With only 98 calories, they are perfect for when you need a boost.

Products in this range are:
Energy Bars - Chocolate Orange or Apple and Blackcurrant

Their website has some great tips as well like some exercises and healthy food.

If you go to their Academy page - you can download their weekly food plan, for either weight loss, toning or energy.

In the pack I received to review, I was given:
Chocolate Cookie Recovery and Support
2 sachet of Vanilla Crème Meal Replacement
2 sachet of Chocolate Cookie Meal Replacement
2 packs of Energy bars - one of each flavour
2 packs of Recovery and Support bars - one of each flavour
CLA Tablets
A Shaker.

Part 2 of this blog will up in a few weeks time, with progress of my start and finishing measurements and how I got with the products.

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