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Skincare Review - HealGel

I am 32 this year and so aware of ageing, however, whether it is a combination of good skincare and genes, my face is wrinkle free at present so this moisturiser is definitely more of prevention for me. I also haven't had any skin changes in the 4 weeks except depending on what serum I used, I noticed my nose would be a bit more oilier in the day time. My skin felt moisturiser throughout the day and although I don't really use any face makeup these days ( as I work in a gym ), I could see this being a brilliant primer due to the smoothness of the skin.  For a moisturiser and what it does, the price fits the label of £48 and I would recommend this for anyone to try if they are looking for an anti ageing product.

Its been a little while since I have written a skincare review and I am glad to be writing about a fairly new company and two of their products for you.

As you will know, one of my favourites products are eye creams. Having only really used them in the last 5 years, it is something that I can now not live without.

So today's post brings you HealGel Eye and HealGel Face.

Wha is HealGel?

HealGel, an aqueous gel within an advanced skin rescue formula using the best active ingredients to  soothe, repair and protect the skin. Designed by a team of world leading plastic surgeon's and a reknown dermatological biochemist, together they formed a peerless base-layer treatment for all skin types.

Using nano-technological elements (liposomes containing the key ingredients), to deliver to the depths of the skin where they are most needed in a form of a light, non-greasy gel.

HealGel Face

An anti-ageing formula to firm, smooth and replenish the skin. 
Arnica and Madecassoside are suspended in liposomes with powerful peptides and biodynes to initiate a uniquely soothing and collagen boosting process. An exceptional blend of Omega Oils are used to replenish dehydrated skin and restore elasticity. Together with a unique three part hyaluronic acid complex provides an instantly plumping and revitalising effect.


I have used this now for 4 weeks, using a combination of different serums underneath. You only need a small amount for it to go along way ( I used between a pea/1p size on my palm for my entire face and neck ).
I have definitely noticed my skin being more smoother, which is fab because as you know from my previous posts, I use a Clarsonic to wash and one of my serums ( blue therapy ) is also made my skin smoother, but to have even more smoother skin was fab and I really didn't expect that! 

HealGel Eye

An advance corrective formula to lift and condition the delicate eye area.
Using the same peerless anti-ageing formula to HealGel Intensive, this reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness by stimulating the sluggish mirco-circulation of the eye area. The duel action hyaluronic acid complex that locks moisture deeper into the skin and firms the eye contours. The effect softens the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone and improve the elasticity of the skin through intense hydration.  Light diffusers in the gel further improves sallow areas for a brightening and smoothing effect.


Just like the HealGel Face, I used this for 4 weeks every day. I was expecting my dark circles to reappear from stopping my previous eye cream which is also great at stimulating the circulation of the eye. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they did not return, and kept them looking bright, if not brighter. The skin is smooth and appears firm too. Just like the face, you only need a very small amount. A size no bigger than a pin head will do both eyes and so for £32, I feel this is great value.

My overall opinion on these products would be that I would consider getting these again. Having nothing but great results from both of these.

This post is my honest opinion on both the products and they were given to be to enable me to review the products.

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