Sunday, 6 February 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Boutique Beauty Bars

I moved to Aylesbury nearly 3 years ago and before that I had never seen a Benefit shop, just pictures and write ups in magazines, and so I thought I'd pop in and see what they had on offer in our local boutique last Thursday.

I introduced myself to one of the girls that I was a beauty blogger and was wondering if they were able to supply me with samples to review about. The friendly staff member went and got the manager, Laura who kindly offered to demonstrate what services they offer and supply me with a little bag of samples. So I booked myself in for Saturday afternoon treat when I was able to leave my daughter with my partner so I had no distraction and enjoy being pampered.

On Saturday I was pleasantly greeted by the staff, and was told my Laura that Hannah a brow expert will be doing a wax on my brows and than herself will do a makeover on me. I had never had my brow waxed so I was quite excited to try this out.

Hannah explained how the process work, by mapping out my brow first showing me in the mirror how they achieve a perfect brow shape. She committed how perfect my shape was already which was a lovely compliment. Hannah than proceed with the waxing, which was rather pain free! and was surprised how little the redness was afterwards. Hannah than applied some soothing Aloe Vera to help moisturise and sooth the area.

Laura than took over to do the makeover. She explained that she would do half my face first going though step by step what she was doing so I could see the contrast of the look with my natural bare face on the other. Laura decided we would go for a smokey eye look, which I was thrilled about as I love that look but never really seem to get it right myself.

To start of with Laura applied to different colour powder foundations samples on my cheek and asked which one I'd preferred - a more skin matching tone or a slightly darker warmer tone. We both decided the natural one would look best.  The "That Gal Primer" was than put all over my face which you can wear under makeup or by itself to invigorate and brighten. " Hello Flawless Foundation" was applied and than a natural brow pencil ( which I was daunted about first as never got the hang of doing this either ). Laura demonstrated how to apply the brow pencil really well and made me feel confident in trying this myself at home.

Next were the eyes using the "Smokin' Eyes" kit which comes sultry shadows, highlighters, brow enhancers and a step by step instructions on how to create this wonderful look. Laura again demonstrated how to do this step by step showing me each step with the mirror, so that when I want to create this again at home, I would feel confident in doing so.

The "Erase Paste Concealer" was than applied under the eyes which helps with any dark circles, discolouration, and eyeshadows ( this is a product I definitely need as a mum! ). 
"Bad Gal Lash " mascara was used for my lashes which is a dark, inky mascara to give thickness and length to your lashes ( I have naturally long lashes and this made them look even longer! )

To compliment my sultry eyes, "Hoola Bronzer" was applied in a number 3 shape around my face, starting from the forehead, to my nose and than round to my chin. This created a lovely warm, natural 3d effect to my face without making it looked  really tanned. To give my cheeks some definition, the new "Bella Bamba 3D Blusher" was applied.

To finish the look off  "Foxy Lady" lipgloss was applied to my lips. I love lip gloss ( but hate lipsticks ) and was pleasantly surprised how NOT sticky this one felt. It gave a lovely shine to my lips.
I was than given a choice of the fragrance to chose from which I chose "Gina" - smells a bit like Amor Amor.

I really enjoyed my experience and the look that Laura gave me. I would definitely recommend going in to the store and using their beauty bar services and as well as buying the makeup.

Aylesbury Benefit beauty bar offers:
  • Facial Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Body Wax
  • Men's Waxing
  • Lashes
  • Bridal Packages
  • Pamper Parties 
Aylesbury Benefit Store is situated on the High Street opposite WH Smiths.

For more information on Benefit Cosmetics and to find your nearest boutique visit

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