Friday, 4 February 2011

Bare and Beautiful, Shea Butter Bath Truffle Strawberry and Banana- Review

I came across this wonderful company whilst searching for some natural bath products to retail on my website and for use for my little girl who loves baths.

I asked whether she would send me a sample to review in exchange for some fab PR. I was very pleased when she accepted and was sent a sample of the Shea Butter Bath Truffle in Strawberry and Banana.

The product was beautiful wrapped with a tight plastic packaging around it to keep it fresh and from damage, than presented in cellophane and ribbon with the product label and ingredients.

The smell is gorgeous, remains me of strawberries and banana custard, and looks a bit like a slice of marble cake with pink and yellow colours.

The product does enough to do around 3 baths, so you only need break of a 1/3 of it and than crumble it into a warm running bath. The product has lashings of Shea Butter and so it floats around slowly melting in the bath - ( as you can see from the video ), and gives a slight yellow colour to the bath water ( which you can also see in the video ) - this is the Shea Butter melting in the water. Please note it does not fizz like a normal bath bomb due to the high butter content... They are made with normal bath bomb mixture and lashings of Shea Butter.

The bath was felt and smelt wondering leaving my skin afterwards really moisturised from the Shea Butter
( which is great as I love my baths hot! ).
It does however leave your bath slippery so be careful coming out of the bath, and would advise giving it a rinse down soon after and a quick clean as it will leave a residue around the bath.

In all I loved the product and would certainly try more of the range and recommend to other people.
All of bare and beautiful products can no nasty chemical like SLS, Parabans and so would definitely use these for my little girls bath knowing they are safe and kind for her skin ( I have saved some for her too ).
Each one is handmade my Sarah, the owner and founder of and not only are they gorgeous looking, they are very reasonable priced too.

For more information or to order any of Sarah's wonderful bath products visit

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  1. Sounds lovely, i am a big fan of the bare and beautiful products too x