Saturday, 5 February 2011

Aqua Sheko in Soho, London - Guest Review

Originally originating from Turkey and practised all over the Far East, fish spa treatments are relatively new over in the UK and so I asked one my friends who had recently visited a fish spa in Soho, London to write me up a review.


My friend & I are members of Groupon and had seen this as an offer, but we didn’t book it at the time.

We had a day booked off work to go to a show in London   We had lunch first and then decided we would try the Garra Fish as it was in the area of the theatre.

We were taken downstairs to the therapy room, it was a dark room, but very nicely decorated with orchids and small ceiling lights.  The ceiling was reflective and the whole room was very relaxing.  There were 10 fish tanks which were lit from underneath the glass tanks.

We were first asked to take our shoes and clothes off!!!  We laughed, they guy was foreign and didn't mean clothes, but in fact socks!!! That made the rest of the experience so much more fun and relaxing!

Our feet were first washed which felt really strange that someone else was washing them!  He dried them off and put white towelling slippers on our feet.

We were taken to the tanks which are placed on the floor below the very comfy seats.  He told us to put our feet in!  No abrupt, but just quite literally!  We were a little hesitant, as we weren’t sure what the fish were going to do!  Well they swarmed towards our feet and legs as if they hadn’t eaten for months!!!  It tickled and we laughed, my friend is quite ticklish and we were just laughing so much!  After a while you got used to the feeling.  It actually felt like pins and needles moving around your feet and legs!  They stick to your feet and legs with their little sucker mouths!  The most ticklish was when they tried to get in between your toes.  My water was about half way up my legs and they were suckling all the way up – thought they were going to come out of the water!

You could actually see little particles of skin floating in the water.

About half way through the treatment, we were asked if we wanted a Chinese herbal tea.  We were given a menu listing a whole range of different teas!  One that looked quite unusual was where there was a flower in the bottom of the glass which opened whilst getting hot in the water.  The centre of the flower was red with what looked like white berries.  They brought the glasses out with a cloth/serviette to hold the glass with.  This was an unusual flavour, but not unlikeable at all.  In fact I knocked back the last of it too much and swallowed the dredge, I suppose that’s what you would call it, at the bottom!  That wasn’t so nice!

The men then came over to us, dried our feet and put the slippers back on.  We were sat on very very springy and comfortable black leather recliners.  We then had to endure a most wonderful, relaxing foot and leg massage!  It was gorgeous, along with the men!  I think that was the best part!

We were supposed to have 15 minutes of the Garra fish and 10 minutes of massage, but I’m sure we were in there for about 45 minutes!

Our feet felt wonderful afterwards.  I could feel my feet slipping around inside my socks and boots and I felt like I was walking on air.

We came out like two little giggling school girls.  It was such a fun experience that we’ve already booked up for more with our friends who haven’t yet tried this! 

Since this experience, we’ve had a boutique open in our town offering the same treatment.  You won’t be able to keep me away!

We had a very enjoyable day, finishing off with a show.

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  1. This is great & I'm delighted to have discovered your blog. I'd love to be considered to write a guest post.