Tuesday, 30 April 2013

ibd - Just Gel Nail Polish Review

Well for the first time in years, I got my nails done today. Having heard so much good stuff about Gels and recommendations from friends that have use them, I decided to treatment myself.
The main reason behind it was that I am a nail picker ( note - not a nail biter! ) as when I get bored or anxious, I pick them and because they are so soft too I have a trouble actually growing them.

Where I work, we have a Champneys Day Spa and a few weeks back they launched a new product for their manicures - ibd Just Gels.  Now as I never had gels before I couldn't compare these with any others at the moment but one advantage ibd has that my therapist - Georgina said is different to other gels out there is that these gels are actually all gel and not a combination of gel with nail polish in them. I guess this actually makes them harder and last longer?

Georgina gave me a section of the catalogue that tells us about ibd and what they do;

ibd Just Gel Polish are strong, 100%pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel. Applied just like a polish,  with richer and more even colour. The gel is versatile which cures quickly under either UV or LED light. The gel also protects the natural nail with stronger long lasting wear which is chip free.

Alot of my colleagues have had them over the last couple of weeks too and have raved about them.

I for one at the moment is very pleased with them. The colours are amazing and definitely a colour for everyone. The finish is perfect and I love the feel of them. I have been told they last from 2-3 weeks so will update you later on how they perform and how easy to get off.

I think I will definitely get these again though and look forward to actually growing some nails.

My colour I had was in glitter - Fireworks.

More info on ibd and there range of products please visit www.ibdbeauty.com

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