Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cheese Chase 3 in 1 Cat Toy - Best Investment I have made LOL

I had to write to a blog about this fab cat toy as it so improved my cats behaviour problems.

Last year we acquired our 2nd cat after my dad's girlfriend cat had a litter last May. Being a boy, Tom is much more of an active cat than my other female cat when she was a kitten. Living in flat on the second floor doesn't give him much space to explore and run around and after having months of our cats going crazy, I have finally found something to keep them a little more occupied and entertained.

The Cheese Chase 3 in 1 Cat Toy.
Image forCheese Chase 3-in-1 Cat Toy by Petstages
The Cheese Chase 3-in-1 Cat Toy by Petstages is three fun activities for three times the playing pleasure for your cat.
  1. The outer blue translucent ball track offers hours of chasing fun for your cat;
  2.  The yellow middle part is supposed to look like a Swiss Cheese centre offering a challenge and interest with another ball to chase;
  3. On top in the centre is a plush catnip filled mouse on spring for frenzied play times.
I intended this when buying the toy for Tom as he loves getting his nose and paws down anything that has holes or a gap and is a very curious cat. Tabitha whom is 5 is a very relaxed cat and really didn't think she would take interest in this. However, despite Tom totally ignoring the catnip filled mouse, Tabitha loves it and visa-versa, Tom loves the balls, Tabitha on the other hand isn't too interested in them.
Tom has also got quite protective over the toy.

When I brought this, both the cats were playing with it for nearly an hour before they stopped, and continued to play it on and off though out the rest of the day. Each day since than, both the cats have been much less crazy running around and enjoying playing with this fab toy instead for hours on end.

I would shop around though - as prices do differ. I got this from Pets @ Home for £13. However, check on Ebay and Amazon.

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