Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tipp Ex - How to get rid of it on clothing

I have just to share this amazing tip with your guys. After spilling pasta sauce down the front of my pure white work trousers today, someone suggested using Tipp Ex to camouflage the stain whilst at work till I get home to sort it out.

Silly me didn't think that Tipp Ex would be problem in getting it off my clothes did I?!

So after battling with the pasta sauce stain with suitable stain removers, and yes that stain was fine to get out.
I was left with a lovely Tipp Ex mark still.

So a good friend of mine found a tip on how to get it removed and it does work!

White Spirit!

It suggests to use a cotton bud and work from outside inwards on the Tipp Ex stain but after doing that for about 5 mins and still had a big stain to get though, i just tipped a load onto the actual stain and used a fresh cleaning sponge using the scrubber side. When in minutes the Tipp Ex had totally gone.

So there you go - White Spirit removes Tipp Ex from clothes.

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