Monday, 22 April 2013

Champney's Beautiful Bump Treatment

This is my second pregnancy, but after having 3 MC's in between and working in retail standing most of the time, I decided I would treat myself to a much needed relaxing treatment.

This is of course my first ever treatment too!I had a little idea what to expect, and was rather excited to finally give a treatment ago. Being 7 months pregnant, I thought I go for the full 1 hour treatment, which consisted of a back massage ( sitting of course ), leg and foot massage and a head massage.

The treatment took place in the Champneys Spa in Boots, Milton Keynes, which is situated on the 1st floor. The Blissful Bump Treatment is available at the Champneys Resorts as well more info can be found here
 I've never been to Champneys before, but I guess the interior designs are very similar with a vintage/modern look to the spa. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, as one would expect and offered me a hot or cold drink whilst the room was being prepared and for me to fill out a new client card.

My therapist was Georgina, who again was very lovely and explained everything to me before hand.
The therapy room felt relaxing, almost at home/luxury hotel feel to it. The music was lovely and tranquil too.

The treatment started of with the sitting back massage, and my god did I need it. I knew I had a knot or something in my back/shoulder from standing at work for long periods but the one on my left was a big knot. It felt so good to have it eased out, and my back and shoulders have felt amazing since. My bump than was given an oil and butter wrap whilst Georgina than did a leg and foot massage, which again I so needed. I could do with one of these after work every day. The treatment than finished with a head massage which was bless, I actually nearly fell asleep by this point.

The products used were amazing, and formulated especially for pregnant women. The range is called Blissful Bump.What surprised me the most and was very happy to see, is that the products do not contain any Parabans, SLS's or Paraffin oils. As someone who uses everyday skincare and body products without these ingredients in, I was very happy.
 I believe the oil was used everywhere, than the oil and body butter was applied to my bump.
The range can be brought in the Baby section of Boots too and consists of the Stretch Mark Oil, Room Spray, Body Butter, Shower Creme or purchased as Gift Sets.
Obviously I had to purchase the products as they smell so amazing, and of course extends the treatment experience into the home. I got the Oil, Body Butter as a duo gift set, the room spray and shower creme.

I would definitely recommend any pregnant women to have this treatment at some stage in the pregnancy.

P.S Just an update to the post - I got commented on by a Midwife the other day when I had to go in for a check up, how nice I smelt. I mentioned it was the Champneys Blissful Bump range and told her some of the oils used in it and she mentioned she could smell some of the oils and how nice it was.

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