Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Its been quiet for a while but don't worry, I have the following instore for you very soon.....

I apologise for the lack in writing at late but with working full time and being pregnant has taken the toll on me at late. So I have postpone a few write ups for when I left work on maternity leave.

Now that I am off and have some time to dedicate my posts on, I do have some fab companies and products for you in store coming up over the next few posts.

I start with a review of the Clarisonic Plus, Part 1 which is face related. The body will be part 2 after I have had my baby in July.

I will follow this with skincare review on a organic skincare company, Saaf with 3 of their products.

I also have a haircare review on Khiels

Chanels new mascara! , are a few to mention


A parenting review on some products from okeidog.

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