Friday, 13 September 2013

Lack of sleep = poor health/skin

They talk about how a good nights sleep does wonders for you health and with having a new baby, I can certainly say that the lack of good sleep has caused number of issues with my health and skin.

At first the lack of sleep didn't show , it was only 6 weeks in that my eyes started to look terrible, with big dark shadows appearing. It didn't help that I had run out of my favourite eye cream ( Biotherm Blue Therapy ) either which would have stopped these horrible bags appearing. However, I have since managed to get a good sample of the eye cream and within days of using it again my bags have disappeared.  Now 3 weeks on from using the cream and using it every day my eyes are super bright which I really need a the moment as my sleep is still being interrupted by the little one.

The lack of sleep and the fact I am constantly on the go with having a 5 year old and 9 weeks old to look after my health has come to ill affects too. Not sure if its a cold or flu or something in between but for whole of this week, I have an awful head full of blocked up/runny/sniffy nose, a headache, feeling of run down and my parts of my body aching.

My skin, although I do look after it very well has seemed to have suffered too, whether that is again though lack of sleep or my hormones sorting themselves out, or mixture of both but for the first time in a good year, I have spots and my skin feels dry and bumpy. Yet my skin routine has always been the same, cleanse with electronic brush, tone, serum/oil, moisture and than exfoliate/mask at least once a week.

The strange thing, and I sure it is just people being nice, but I still seem to get a lot of comments on how well I am looking!

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