Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Biotherm's Blue Therapy Eye

Previously I wrote about Biotherm's Blue Therapy Serum, and I am so happy the expertise of this amazing formula has been brought to the eye zone. ( see Blue Therapy Serum post here -Blue Therapy Serum Post)

Blue Therapy Eye combines the aquatic -orgin of trio ( Extracts of Pure Thermal Plankton, Macro-Algae L.Ochroleuca and Micro-Algae A.Flos-aquae. with a blend of four ultra perfromant eye association, Flavonoid, Amino acid and 2 Peptides.
Together this fantastic formula helps reduce the appearance of dark circles by favouring the elimination of pigments, darkness is visibly faded, skin looks more plumped, smoother and more radiant and signs of ageing are also visibly repaired.

The texture of the formula is amazing too. It looks like a rich cream, but as you put it on your fingers, it melts like water on to the skin, and is incredibly light weight. Which is a trade mark for biotherm as you will find majority of their advanced skincare is incredibly light weight but very powerful.

Blue Therapy Eye, is more than just an ordinary eye cream, it is applied to the extended eye contour too. Applying it on the upper cheeks, the middle of your forehead ( the bit between your eyebrows ) and the side of each of eye.
A simple application technique is used to help target wrinkles, firmness and darkness by a 3 step application ritual;
3-step application ritual :
1. WRINKLE ACTION: “waves movement” - palpate-roll on wrinkles to smooth
2. DARK SPOT ACTION: “bubble movement” - pinch dark spot to reboost micro-circulation
3. FIRMING ACTION: “crab movement” - circular movement to replump the skin.
 I have used this for 5 days now, and already i have seen my eye area smoother, more radiant and brighter. I don't suffer from bags but i have the typical shadow as i call it, under the eye area ( where the eye area is thinner than the face, the appearance of the blood vessels can appear though ), the appearance of this has been a big improvement!

Blue Therapy eye is available instore now, 15ml size pot RRP £32.

For more information you can visit the following pages

Biotherm - Boots Milton Keynes FB Page
Biotherm Official FB Page

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