Sunday, 2 December 2012

The VeilTattooChallenge #veiltattoochallenge

As some retailers start clamping down on employees covering up tattoos, I was in need to find a good camouflage makeup to hide some of visible tats. I first tried on recommendation the Estee Lauder Double Wear ( the one in the blue tube ). I however, as good as it was for staying on, my natural skin tone was too pale for even their lightest shades and so it would look either too pink or too orange/tanned and so noticeable regards to showing I was covering something up.

As this was so not acceptable, and I really didn't want to have to plasters on ( Yes, employers ask you to cover up your tattoos with plasters, no matter how small or big they are. Which totally defeats the whole camouflage/covering them up as the plasters make it so more visible and hideous. )

So searching on the web, I came across the company Veil - Cosmetic Camouflage, who was at the time doing a veil tattoo challenge. I contacted the company to ask if I could please take part as in need to find a good camouflage makeup for work, but also as a blogger I thought it would also be a great PR coverage for them too.

So a few days later, my sample pack arrived.
In the sample kit I got 8 different shades of cover up creams and the translucent finishing powder.

As a beauty professional, I already knew how to apply the products. Although I found it easier to use the white than the green first on my tattoo. There is a video on how to apply the products if you are not sure how to apply the products to get the perfect camouflage.
The way I did, which is the same in the video ( except I used white, they used green as the base ).

1. First make sure the skin is clean and dry.

2. Apply the base colour - depending on the colour tattoo you may use either white or green or both.
This is done with a patting motion with either a sponge or finger. I used a small concealer brush.

3. Once you apply a layer of the base colour, dust the area with the translucent finishing powder using patting motion again. If you have a powder brush or puff would be good.

4. I than applied the final colour - which for myself was suede. Again using a patting motion apply to over the base colour and start to merge with skin around the tattoo. Once you have it camouflaged dust with the finishing powder.

As you can see, the final result is amazing.

I have attached the video on how they applied the product. Practise makes perfect, so if you don't first get the results you want, try again, maybe use another colour or less product. The key is using very little, that way you get a very natural finish and look ( and not cakey ).

There are two kits you can buy - a light to medium kit or medium to dark kit, containing all you need to camouflage your tattoo for just a special price at the moment of £28 ( RRP is £34.97 )

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  1. Wow, that is one great looking cover up. I have been looking for a coverup for a few of my tattoos for a while now. I finally found exuvaince skin care and I use it daily to cover up both tattoos on my wrists, and it doesn't wipe off easily as well. It's great. I am glad you did a review on this as well. I have been looking for an alternative (in case mine runs out! haha). Thanks so much for sharing.