Sunday, 7 October 2012

Biotherms New Serum - Blue Therapy

You may remember me writing a blog over a year ago on a product by Biotherm, Skin Energetic. Biotherm has once again launch another fabulous serum - Blue Therapy.

If you are not aware of the brand, Biotherm are an advanced skincare brand in marine aquatics. Founded in 1952, they have been pioneering skincare inspired by the powers of the earths living waters to create skincare solutions that work in affinity with your skin. Experts in biotechnology, they infuse efficient aquatic extracts in fresh, pleasurable textures to make skin more healthier, stronger and radiant.

Blue Therapy is a serum that  definitely shows how marine aquatics work in harmony with your skin. Infusing 3 powerful aquatic ingredients;
L. Ochroleuca, a golden algae from the Celtic Ocean ( Restructuring and Firming )
A. Flos Aquae, a blue algae from Klamath Lake U.S.A ( Regenerating )
Thermal Plankton from the Hot Springs in France ( Regenerating and Soothing )
They work in perfect synergy to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, reduce dark spots and restore the firmness of the skin.
Clinical results have shown results in 4 weeks, and that the serum could repair up to 8 years worth of accumulated visible damage, from the environment, stress or UV.  This is called "the mask of damage" to which 80% of ageing is accounted for and can be repaired. Only 20% of ageing is inevitable and caused by genes.
BLUE THERAPY Serum - Wrinkles, Dark spots, Firmness
The Blue Therapy serum has a opalescence like look, with the golden algae showing though the white concentrated elixir. The smell is also Divine, and I find it rather addictive ( can't stop smelling it ). The smell is the natural aquatic, floral scent, " a life scent".

When I first used this I could feel the firming affect the serum has straight away on my jaw line and cheeks, and a little on the fore head. It almost felt as if I was having a facelift, which was pleasant. I have now used this every day and night for 2 weeks, and so the firming action has faded ( this is mostly properly because I had a little lack of firmness in those areas which have now been corrected ).
I also had what I thought was hormonal spots on my neck/jawline for months and couldn't seem to get rid, but now have totally disappeared! Although I have just hit my 30's, and to be honest, I have been very lucky ( plus been using ageing products for years ) have had hardly any lines to correct. However, were I had lost some firmness on my forehead as I mentioned early, I have noticed my skin is tighter and therefore the line that there from the sagging has gone. My skin tone has actually improved alot too.
BLUE THERAPY Normal Skin - Wrinkles, Dark spots, FirmnessI would recommend this to anyone who is a sun worshipper, or sunbedholic, anyone with a lack of firmness, anyone who suffers from dark spots or pigmentation. I would also say this be a great base for those with any of the above and first signs of ageing.

The serum is available in 2 sizes - 30ml @ £38 and 50ml @ £52
A day cream with an SPF15 ( a UVB filter) and a PPD 10 in the normal/combi PPD13 in dry (a  UVA filter ) is also available from £45
Biotherm are in selective Boots Stores around the UK.

For more info on Biotherm and their product range, Including Men's visit:

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