Sunday, 23 September 2012

Brevity Beauty - A quick yet effective cleansing system.

So who are Brevity Beauty?  It was only a couple of weeks ago I had heard of them, and via twitter!
They had contacted regards to trying out their 3 step cleansing system, and as I love trying new products especially beauty products, you can imagine I jumped at the chance in doing so.

I am not sure when the company was founded by Sue Jones but the background into the products and name of the company is a wonderful story - with Japanese connections and Shakespare ( Brevity Beauty - History and Philosophy
The Shakespare part is the the word Brevity, derived from Polonius’ speech in Hamlet where he stated “Brevity is the soul of wit” . Brevity Beauty's ethos is “Brevity is the soul of beauty”. Brevity means brief, quick and certianly their regime is breif and quick. Which for some of us with busy lifestyles will love without having to compromise on quality and effective skincare regime.

Ok, so what is in the products that makes it so effective yet quick? - Marine Collagen! combined with licorice, geranium and Hyaluronic acid which are all renowned for helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing pigmentation spots and firming the skin.

The 3 Step System:
1) The Cleansing Lotion
2) The Conditioning Bar and Lather Net ( unique and fun to use )
3)The All in One Moisturising Gel

When I received this, I was wondering what the net was for, and it this that makes their 3 step rather unique and fun to use. However, I will explain usage in a second.
The Brevity 3 Step uses a double cleansing system and a combined toner/moisturiser. The cleansing lotion removes any makeup  efficiently and effectively. Apply this to your hands and massage into the skin, than cleanse away with water. You than place the cleansing bar into the net, wet with some warm water and rub the net between your palms to create a foam. Take the bar out, and squeeze the net with one hand from top to bottom to remove the foam onto your hands and massage foam onto face ( do not use the net on the face ). Then just rinse with water and pat dry.  I found my skin beautifully squeaky clean - but not drying like soaps can be. It felt gentle but definitely effective.
Once you pat dry, apply the moisturising gel all over face and neck. The texture of the gel was lovely and my face felt moisturised afterwards.
I have placed the video of how to use the products, as it is best seen!

I have used it for 4 days now, and I haven't any problems with it. My skin has felt really clean, soft and moisturised after using the products. I also liked the fact it was quick, all 3 steps took less than 5 Min's to do, and as mother, and I work full time too, a regime like this is great.
As someone who works in the beauty industry, I know you really need a good 4 weeks to see real improvements on your skin, although some results like I have mentioned are seen instantly, for results on wrinkles, lines, tone of skin etc you would need at least 4 weeks. I would recommend using the products, as they have felt really comfortable on my skin and would continue to use to see the longer term results.
Price wise, I feel they are very reasonable, falling in the same category to other premium brands that offer similar products in terms of marine, or anti ageing.

I believe as I write this, Brevity Beauty are still offering samples out to try their skincare - if you follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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