Thursday, 12 July 2012

Whats on everyones lips at the moment?.....

Chubby Sticks I hear? Yes Chubby Sticks!

What are Chubby Sticks?

They are the most cutiest looking moisturing lipbalm with a hint of fabulous colour that will live in your makeup bag.

Now as you have read before when I tested out a semi permant lip colour, that I am not a person who wears colour on my lips. Even though I have been told numerous times I have a wonderful lip shape and fullness, and pale ones at that. I am very shy to show them off and so getting me to use a lip colour on a day to day base is rather difficult....... until I met the Chubby Stick!

OMG! I have totally fallen in love with these. They are not a lipstick but gently tint your lip with a gorgeous sheer colour of moisturing lip balm that contains shea and mango butter in them. The butters make the balm feel so mosituring and smooth on your lips but don't give you that feel that lipsticks can leave you with. I feel I am not really wearing anything which is one of the reasons why I love wearing them.

To suprise you even more, my fave colour and the first one I got was the Volumptros Violet. I can't however wear the Pudgy Poeny and Chucky Cherry due to my skin tones on there own but I love the fact you can mix them up with other colours to create your own personal colour.

There are 16 mouth watering shades to play around with, wear on there own or mix them up and create your own shade. I also love that they look crayons and my 4 year old loves them too.

I have as you can see the Voluptous Violet and Bountiful Blush. They Retail at £16 and while stock lasts if you buy two you get a cute little carry case to put them in available in four different colours. colours are:
Oversized Orange ( which is like a coral colour - another fave )
Two Ton Tomatoes
Chucky Cherry
Mighty Mimosa
Pudgy Poeny
Richer Raisn
Fuller Fig
Curvey Candy
Whole Lotta Honey
Mega Melon
Super Strewberry
Woppin Watermelon
Heaping Hazelnut

Chubby Sticks are available at all Clinique counters and online retailers.

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