Friday, 6 July 2012

A Yummy Mummy? I am with Mint Velvet!

As you may have read in a previous post, I had moved jobs from the beauty hall of prestigious department store to becoming a concession manager for a gorgeous fashion brand called Mint Velvet. Although having missed the beauty industry, I am now back in the beauty industry. However, I totally loved the clothes from this Fresh, New brand and would love to share my love for it.

 The brand is nearly 3 years old but has gone a long way since they started up 2009 when 3 ladies, Liz, Lisa and Jane decided to set up there own womenswear brand. With an ethos of relaxed glamour and pride in an holistic approach, Mint Velvet collections combine beautiful textures with key seasons looks that are effortlessly translated into wearable and co-ordinated pieces.

Before I joined the company, I hadn't really heard of them - only because since having my daughter and putting a bit of weight, shopping for clothes I totally lost interest in because my shaped had changed and I suppose I didn't feel confident, sexy anymore. So I hide mainly behind sport clothes like bagging jeans, t-shirts, hoddies etc. Although working in the beauty industry brought some of my confidence back, it was Mint Velvet that made me feel like a "Yummy Mummy"!

Swapping my bagging jeans for leggings, skinny jeans and dresses, I can't help but fall in love with a lot of their collections. I have a new passion for silk, which they carry across through their collections from tops, tunics to dress. They have such beautiful collections, I never seem to struggle finding anything I don't like and the collections just get better and better.

Prices are reasonable too, for a high street brand that has such luxurious textiles, designs they sit price wise with Phase 8, Next. They have boutiques which are a must to visit with there iconic Mint Velvet deco across the country and in most House of Frasers and John Lewis.
Gemma Print Tunic    
Ivory Lace Pencil Skirt

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