Monday, 19 August 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 - Review

I wasn't sure which blog to put this on, so I decided to put it on both.

I was very lucky to have received for just 2 weeks, a Nokia Lumia 925 to test and review. I was shortly due my upgrade ( July ) and although my first phone was a Nokia and for many years after I was Nokia fan. The last 8 years, I have had other brands due to the fact I felt other brands were more advanced, stylish and head of the game.

Whilst I was looking around for a new phone, my current which I have had for the 24month contract is the Samsung Galaxy S2, I stumbled across the opportunity to test a Nokia lumia of a choice of models. As the 925 was the latest and I am very much into having a good camera on the phone, I choose this model. I wanted to fall in love with Nokia again, a phone manufacture that brought me my first phone.

And I have got to say, I am not disappointed. Nokia certainly has up'd their game again in both style and the technology behind the interface.

I really like the sleek design of the Lumia which is signature to the Lumia family.  One thing that put me off the new Galaxy's S3 and 4 were they became to rounded for my liking ( I prefer edges to my technology, even though I am a women, I like manly edges and not girlie curves, for instance I love the Pagni Zonda but not a Porshe fan ).

What strike me first and I have seen the pixels of the newer Galaxy's is that the picture resolution is so liquid like, smooth and very clear and bright.  I also loved the user screen just like you have on your PC or Laptop.
Although the phone has a wizard to guide you though, I actually found the phone really easy to use, apart from the camera took my a few goes to get used to it as it was different in the way it responds to than my Galaxy ( I will talk more about the camera in a moment ).

One of my favourite apps on the phone installed and if your mother like me, you going to love this about the Lumia, is the Kids Corner. If you have kids, you know they love to play with your phone. You give them apps for them to use but manage to get on the Internet, and accidentally pay for something. This is the thing of the past with Kids Corner! Your child can access the games, apps, music and videos that you’ve already chosen for them, yet everything else on the phone is out of bounds, with only a password allowing access.
And the best bit - is the can not make calls or download anything whilst in Kid's Corner.

Unlike my Galaxy S2 whom had many Home Screen's that gets filled with apps or widgets, the Nokia Lumia has just one Home Screen just like the Windows 8 Home Screen on your PC. This can be tailored to your own preference but as I was just loaning the phone for 2 weeks, I didn't bother doing this.  I also like the tidiness of the Nokia/Windows format of folders rather than screens and screens of again apps that you have to scroll though. Instead your apps are in the apps folder.

Other features I like was the Family Room, again a feature I didn't really get to explore. Basically you can set up rooms with your contacts to privately share calenders, photos, group chats and notes in one place.

The feature that I was very keen on though, and one that influences me buying a phone was the camera. As I mentioned above, it did take me a little while to get used to it as it was so different to the Samsung phones that I have been using for a few years now. However, once I got my head around it, it worked fantastically and I loved using it. I really wanted to try as much of this out as I could as I was to covert back to Nokia, the camera would be its biggest influence.
Will the first thing is the advert you have seen on TV regards to taking the best shots in poor light conditions or at night, I confirm is true. Here are two photos I took in my bathroom to create the poor light condition ( as my en suite hasn't got windows ).

The darker image is from my Galaxy S2
The lighter image is from the Nokia

 This wasn't the only great feature about the phone. It was also able to capture really good moving pictures. Different lens can be downloaded too, some are free and some you have to pay for. Here are some pictures I took with the Nokia using different lens.

 All I can say is that I was very impressed with the Lumia 925, I was going to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 Zoom. However, I found out that Nokia are releasing a camera phone that reviews on it have been in more favour to the Nokia than the Samsung. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is due for release this Sept, and I am patiently awaiting for it. Thank You Nokia for making me fall back in love with you.

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