Thursday, 15 August 2013

Get cellulite free, smooth legs with Biotherm

Looking to get smoother, cellulite free legs? Have you tried cellulite creams by other brands and have they worked???

I haven't used any anti cellulite products before, so I was a little sceptical as to whether this will work. I had heard good review from it's predecessor D-Code which tackles both sets of cellulite - Genes and Lifestyle.

However, the Celluli Eraser is a more advanced product to produce a more smoother and firm body even after 1 month of use.

As I had gained a little weight on my thighs during my pregnancy, I was very keen to try this.  What immediately draws you to the product is its gorgeous packaging with its sea green tube. As you know Biotherm is from the deep, using ingredients from our oceans, lakes and rivers, so with a product containing an algae extract ( Coralline algae extract ), it seems fitting to have this vibrant colour. This is carried on in the colour of the gel too. I totally love the lime green gel which has a gorgeous fresh citrus smell.

From almost first use ( that is one day of use, Morning and Night ), my skin was noticeably smoother. I have used this for just under a month now and even my partner has remarked how smooth my thighs and bottom are.

I use the gel morning and night, using circular motions until absorbed. I than apply my daily moisture on top. For £32 available at selected Boots stores or online, I would definitely recommend going and giving this product ago. I have started proper exercise yet as just had my baby, and supposed to wait at least 6 weeks before exercising ( just one more week to go ), but I hoping when I start, using this combined with excerise will help aid some slimming of my thighs where it is needed ( excess baby weight ).

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