Friday, 2 August 2013

Keep your skin hydrated in the summer heat

There are four skincare products that I can not live without, especially in this heat. All are products are  from Biotherm.

Skin needs water as much as the body does, but the skin is the last place water is given too when you drink water, and no matter how much you drink either, it always goes to your organs first.

One way of giving your skin the water it needs is though your skincare products and for one brand, water is the heart of its skincare.

Now you know I have written about Biotherm many times before, with reviews on the Skin Ergetic and the Blue Therapy range.  If you would like to know more about the company history visit the Biotherm Website.

The four products I use on a daily basis are;

  • The Blue Therapy Serum
  • Aquasource Normal/Combination Moisturiser
  • UV Supra D-Tox SPF 50 
  • Aquasource Nuit
The Serum, Moisturiser and Nuit are good for all year round. The White Detox SPF 50 I use in the summer periods.

So why do I love these products so much?

You may have already read about the Blue Therapy Serum review, and so this is a great product to use to keep the damage of the UVA and UVB's at bay in the summer time, as well as a good anti ageing serum to firm and give radiance to your skin.
 The Aquasource moisturiser is a very light weight and refreshing cream/gel and within it, it has the equivalent of 5000 litres of the thermal plankton cellular water, which is the spring water that Biotherm obtains its unique ingredient from - Thermal Plankton. Unlike most moisturisers, the Aquasource keeps you hydrated for 24hours. My skin always looks plump, radiant and constantly hydrated when using this moisturiser. The best bit is you do not need a lot of it to go a long way either. I use a 20p size amount on my face and neck. A 50ml pot definitely gets you a good 6 month worth of usage too and for just £28 I find that very reasonable. More information on the Aquasource Moisturiser can be found here the summer months, I wouldn't leave my door without putting on my sun block, UV Supra D-tox SPF 50, on my face. Like a lot of us, there are have been many years where I have forgotten to put my sun cream on my face. Yes I have natural freckles but I have notice I have a few more at recent times, than those I was born with. This is sun damage ( which the blue therapy will help but you also need to wear a sun cream/block to help protect too ) and since working in skincare, I have become more aware of the damages the sun can do to your body.
What I most like about this product though, is that it is still very light weight and not sticky as you would expect from a spf 50 or sun block. This can be used a primer under makeup as well and even applied on to of makeup if need to re-apply during the day. Price is £19.50 for a 30ml. the evening, and I use this all year round as I totally love this product for night time, is the Aquasource Nuit. As part of the Aquasource range, you instantly know it is going to feed your skin with the water and mineral nutrients it needs. The blue gel which as it touches the skin turns in a liquid/oil like texture, boosts your skin though the night with moisture. results is you wake up to fresh looking, luminous skin which feels more elastic and radiant, as if reawakened. I call this a facial in a bottle. It is suitable for all skin types too and just like the moisturiser you don't need alot. One pump is enough to do your whole face. Price is £28 for a 50ml and again, I get a good 6 month use out this bottle.

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