Sunday, 12 February 2012

L.I.L.Y - A Fresh New Scent by Stella McCartney!

I wasn't a fan of Stella's previous fragrances, finding them too heavy and "classic" ( when i say the word classic, i mean the type of smell the fragrance has. Classic to me describes a fragrance that is strong, possibly woody, spicy etc, i.e perfumes like Chanel no 5, Elizabeth Arden Red Door etc ).

I was, however, pleasantly please that Stella has launched such a beautiful and delicate fragrance. Although, after reading what the perfume means - an a acronym for "Linda I love you," which, McCartney explained was "my dad's nickname for my mum.", I am not surprised Stella created such a fragrance in the honour of her mum.

L.I.L.Y offers a delicate balance between lily of the valley, with a touch of moss and exquisite black truffles. A fragrance for every woman: it adapts to, and belongs to, you. Inspired by a natural purity and the English countryside.

 L.I.L.Y 's bottle design is encased by an Art Deco style frame, reflecting the mixture of light and darkness, feminine and masculine, holding a radiant cut-glass bottle reminds of the old English vases.

This fresh, sensual fragrance will fast become your must-wear scent. Available in EDT and EDP, Body Lotion and Shower Gel.

This fragrance is certainly on my valentine list and possible wedding fragrance.

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