Sunday, 4 March 2012

Carmine: Beauty's Best, In a Box........ Review

OMG! What a pleasant surprise when I got home on Friday evening from work. A beautifully wrapped box holding inside 3 Full Size products and 3 samples of beauty products. And all that I will definitely use.

As a previous subscriber to GlossyBox and leaving them after such a bad run of experience from them ( customer services and box issues ), I left ( with some other ex-subscribers of GB ) to test out Carmine.

 As I unwrapped the ribbon, a card showing you all the products inside gave you all the details of the products,indicating which ones are the full size ones.

I was shocked to have received such a generous box containing 3 Full Size products plus a trial size sample and 2 sampler size samples.

With GB you were lucky to receive 1 full size product, yet alone a box worth this much.

So what was in the box??????

A full size product of;

The Balm - FretBoy All in One Shadow/Blusher

Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish

Daniel Sandler Eye Delight

 A Trial size White Glo, professional choice whitening toothpaste

and sampler sizes of

Yardley London Peony Fragrance

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick no 42.

I wore the Daniel Sandler Eye Delight on my inner of my eyelids with The Balm across the rest of my eye and on my cheeks and the lipstick to work the next day. To my surprise I got loads of comments which gave me a chance to tell them about Carmine as well.

This morning I tried the toothpaste, I just LOVE the taste of this! It isn't your normal minty taste, I cannot quite put my finger on what the taste is but it is lush.  My teeth felt really clean but i will see in a few days if it makes my teeth whiter.

The Yardely fragrance is okay, just a little too powerful for me and very classic.

The lipstick is gorgeous, it comes out a coral pink/golden/apricot colour on me and works really well with the balm - fretboy shadow/blusher.

I have tried a little of the nail polish as my nails are very short was going to try this once i have put some fake nail on - on my nail it looks gorgeous - i have the bluey/green colour which has sparkly bits in when it dries. I have to say this product dries really quick and will require a good 2/3 coats on if you like it vivid as 1 coat looks watery.

Daniel Sandler eye delight I think is going to be my fave eyeshadow now. It sticks to your eyelids really well and the colour is amazing. I have the silvery white one which again worked really well the the pinky/apricot colour of the Balm/fretboy and the DDP lipstick.

Overall I am really impressed so far with Carmine, normally with GB boxes i only like a couple of products or I already use them. I can't wait till next month for my next surprise.

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