Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New Year, New beginings, New Me

Well it has been sometime since I have written a blog piece. Not because I have nothing to write or just been lazy. Since my last blog piece about the amazing BSQ products, I suffered my 2nd miscarriage in the space of 6 months which not only affected me in a big way.

Leaving 2011 behind, I plan to start 2012 ( and hopefully end it ) with much more happiness, creativity and do all things I want to get down.
So I am back on track with my Aromatherapy and Beauty course's, with my week of this week, I happy that I have knuckled down and got them sent off. I have even found the energy and surprise my partner is redecorating ( painting and hanging up my daughters gymnastic certificates ) our what was rather dark hallway into a space that is much brighter and more inviting.

 I have also got a new job, as a concession manager for a fabulous new women's clothing brand, Mint Velvet, whom I have been with for a few months now and will feature them in my next write up.

I am also happy that my driving lessons finally started again just before the end of last year, and will hopefully being saying good bye to the L plates very soon.

With my mind back on track, and a new sense of energy, I am eagerly awaiting the Zumba Fitness Ultimate DVD collection to arrive tomorrow and can't wait to try it, I will certainly be making a blog about this.

I wish all my readers a Happy New Year and that you continue to enjoy my posts.

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