Friday, 15 April 2011

Time to re-update my beauty bag?

I had a heart attack this morning when I went to open my makeup bag. All the contents were covered in a brown dusting - OMG my 3 y/o had been in it yet again and left one of my loose eyeshadow powder lid off and had emptied out onto everything inside my beauty bag.

As an ever curious, learning machine, my 3 y/o daughter just loves to go though my makeup in the morning when I am getting ready, trying to coping what I am doing. If it not blusher all over her face, lipbalm all over her top, it is makeup all over my bag. I wasn't mad, or angry, it just makes me laugh that even from this young age, little girls seem to have it built in them what is girly and what is boyish. Or is it just the fact she watches, learns and copies from me?

Anyway, as I pour the contents of my makeup bag in the sink to clean, I thought it was about time I actually got rid of items, 1) I no longer use, 2) have recently had a reaction too - ( how being pregnant can change your skin and sensitivity ), 3) is more than 2 years old and needs to be chucked out.
A part from my mascara's and some recent products, most of the contents ended up in the bin for reasons above - the fact that I have only just started wearing a full face of makeup again since returning back to full time work probably explains the reason why my makeup bag really did need sorting out despite the mishap.

So my hunt is on now to find some new colours for my eyes, as these were mostly what I had in my bag, and since I recently brought my BareMinerals kit containing my foundations, bronzer and concealer, there isn't really much else I need.

Oh probably need a new makeup bag as despite giving it wash, some of my bright colours have stained it.

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