Thursday, 21 April 2011

Parabens - Toxic? - Why I don't use them.

Parabens are everywhere in our beauty products from toiletries to makeup, and despite the industry saying they are safe and exist in plants natural ( which they don't ), they actually could be dangerous.

So what are parabens?  Parabens are synthetic chemicals produced in a lab, very cheap to produce and used as a preservative in your products. The most common ones seen in cosmetics are methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben, and often used together as a combination.

These parabens are fat-soluble so that they can be readily absorbed into your body, which means they are
likely to accumulate in fatty tissue, for instance in the breast. A research has been shown that a high percentage of breast cancer's tissue samples have contained high concentrations of parabens. It is also known that parabens can mimic the hormone Estrogen, playing a role in the development of breast cancer! For more info on this please read this article - Paraben and Breast Cancer

Studies have also shown they can also have an effect on hormonal imbalances and have been proved to interfere with the function of the endocrine system, and these endocrine disruptors are stored in our body's fatty tissues. - This is one reason why I don't use them. As a child and young adult I had numerous problems with my hormones - one being rather serious with my pituitary gland, which is a endocrine gland and secretes nine hormones that regulate homeostasis - it functions:
 The numerous problems I suffered with my pituitary gland I was told I could have a tumor on my gland and was consistently having blood tests and told that I would never have kids. At the time I had no idea it could have been products I was using.
It wasn't till I I actually did feel pregnant, that I started to think about what I was using on me and what I was eating. When my daughter was born, I used nothing but pure natural and/or organic products on her ( and still do ).  Parabens are also know for causing allergic reactions,and since stop using products with them in it, I have noticed how my skin isn't as sensitive as I thought it was.

There is many of website regards to research and research still being done on how safe parabens are. In my opinion and experiences I'd rather stay away from them. However, I let you decide on whether you still would.
You can find more about the different types of parabens on Skin Deep website - What are parabens?
and also Wikipedia -

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