Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hurray for the "Happy Mix"

Now this is not a usual posting but I just had to rate this! Being an ice cream fan and having a partner who prefers ice lolly's like Solario, Twister and myself preferring the chocolate or toffee sort of ice cream, than a young daughter who is into Mini Milks, or similar. Buying ice cream can be quite a chore when it comes sunny days like today.

As we walk down the shopping aisle this afternoon, picking up some items to enjoy in the garden, we finally get to the ice cream section. First picking up my daughter shop brand mini milks, and than my partner and I trying to sort out what ice cream we are going to settle on - I was thinking Cornettos at the time when...........................

A few fridges down my solution was found! Hurray to the  " HAPPY MIX" BY WALLS, and definitely well named! Containing 2 Mini Milks for my daughter, 2 Twisters for my partner, 2 Magnums for me and than 2 Cornetto's ( one for me and for him ). 
Thanks to Walls our summer will definitely be a happy one in our household for ice creams this year! :-)

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