Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Power of the Electric Toothbrush

I am not ashamed to admit that I hadn't been to see a dentist since I was 16 years of age ( that's about 12 years ago! ). Having moved from where I grew up to go to uni in a different county, I couldn't be bothered than to re-register with another one, not because I hated or had a fear of dentist but purely cause my visits we a quick in and out as my teeth were clean and fine and as a typical student I didn't want to waste money on anything but alcohol and having a good time.

It wasn't till I had my little girl that when registering her for the dentist I thought I best do myself as it wouldn't be good of me to show her bad habits, or make her feel the dentist is something to be afraid off.

After sometime on the waiting list, Isabel and myself finally got registered and was asked to come for our first visit. As you can imagine I was for the first time quite worried and scared of what condition my teeth would be in, not forgetting that my tongue bar often gets cracked on the side of my teeth at times of eating. I thought I'd be in need of all sorts of work.

I went first to show my 2 1/2 year old what to do and to show ( even though I in my head I was cringing ) everything is fine.  Just open you month and see what happens.
As it was our first visit the dentist had to take some additional notes, like taking the x-ray, checking our gums and what teeth we had in our month. Apart from that my visit ended up just like it always did back when I was a child. In and out! WHAT????? Yep I was rather and presently surprised my teeth and gums were not just very clean but healthy too, needing no work or even a clean or scrap.

How can this be possible? I don't floss, I clean once a day sometimes? Apart from maybe having a good set of teeth from having a good gene past down, I have to say there is only one thing for it!

Brought 6 years ago, this is one thing I can't live without. I totally recommend everyone getting an electric toothbrush. I have always said you can feel the difference when brushing with one - and I once tried you wouldn't go back to a manual as it doesn't feel like your cleaning you teeth with it.

My model isn't even that expensive either - I have the Oral B Vitality one which you can use any of the replace heads in that range - and only costs around £30 ( although I got mine when it was half price ).

Go on - I challenge you to swap your manual for the electric and see and feel the difference.

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  1. An electric toothbrush is definitely a powerful invention of the 20th century.
    Thanks for the great review!