Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blogs more efficient than magazines to drive beauty purchases

With new beauty products, treatments and trends being launched all the time, anyone who wishes to keep up to date with these needs the resources to do so. Whether it is though magazines, exhibitions, TV, retailers and other types of media like social networking and the Internet.

It therefore didn't surprise me that when doing some research myself on the Internet that I found an article stating that most women are turning to blogs, whether it is a beauty blog or other type of blog featuring beauty news, product launches and test and reviews.

This is the sole reason why I decided to start a blog myself. Being an independent beauty consultant, selling products though party plan and via my websites, I too felt that blogging about my business's and other products I use, test and review well not only help my business but give my customers/followers helpful tips and hints, industry news, products buys and launches.

It also didn't surprise me that research results also found that most women once they seen a good review on a product, still go and buy it from the shops. As much as I am consistently online networking and researching, I still like to go out down to the shops and purchase physically at times for many reasons like prices are cheaper, better deals, no delivery or just physically going out and enjoying some customer service and fresh air.
The research was done in the US, and so would like to know what  the UK shopping trends are like.

Do research online but still prefer to buy from a shop instead of online?
Leave your opinions and comments below :-)

Premium Beauty News - Blogs more efficient than magazines to drive beauty purchases

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