Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Silk - Brow Enhancer*

I am not one for pencilling in brows, not because I don't know how to do it because I can. To me, it makes my brows still look pencilled in and fake. My brows over the years have got thin, and not just in how they are shaped but with gaps where hairs do not seem to grow anymore. Especially where I have piercing scars.

So when I saw an advert in the latest copy of "The Salon" about a brow enhancer that uses fibres to fill in gaps, adding thickness, length etc, I knew I had to try this product out.

So as a blogger would, I contact the company and asked very nicely whether I could review their product for them. As being a perfect model for them, I knew my brows could show off how this product works.

Silk, agreed and have kindly sent me a bottle of their Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer to try. I was given silk chocolate ( dark ), although this is on the dark side for me, ideally I would have gone for the silk coffee ( medium ) It does show how well the product works, and I will be definitely be buying the right colour.

Well before I go into my review, as you know I like to tell you a bit about a company I write about first and information about their product.

Who are Silk?

Silk originally started as a  hair extension training and supply background, trading as Totally Hair Direct operating for the last 15 years in both the UK and now Australia. The company has developed and in June 2010 they launched ranges for Hair Care, Skin Care & Pure Mineral Cosmetics Range we all now known as ‘Silk Oil of Morocco’. More information on Silk Oil of Morocco can be found here.

Silk - Brow Enhancer " Brows in a Bottle"

The brow enhancer acts as in instant brush on brow extension using hundreds of tiny natural fibres combined with an ultra fine formulated powder infused with pure sea minerals, herbs and precious ingredients such as Natural Sea Mineral Clay. For the full list of ingredients click here. It contains 120 uses in just one bottle!  Available in 4 natural colours
  • Silk Latte – (Light)
  • Silk Coffee – (Medium)
  • Silk Chocolate – (Dark)
  • Silk Expresso – Extra Dark

The enhancer is perfect for shaping, sculpting, adding thickness and length,  and filling in gaps. The enhancer is also semi-permanent making it water resistant and only requires just warm water to remove.
The enhancer is suitable for Contact wears and those with sensitive eyes and sets in 60 secs.

The applicator is designed so you can use it on even the thinnest eye brows or the thickest by just a turn of the applicator.

My Review

I can not believe how easy this was to use. It literally took secs to apply, quicker than using a pencil for sure and the results are so much more natural looking.

It made my brows look so much better by filling in the gaps, adding thickness and defining them. Removal was easy too, just washed them off with warm water at the end of the day.

Before Brow Enhancer
After Brow Enhancer

As you can see from my before and after shots it has filled in the gaps I had at the beginning of my brow, given my brow some needed thickness and defined it more. I also think this looks so much more natural than using a pencil as the fibres cling onto the hairs and gaps, with the colour falling on to the skin as well. Where as a pencil is drawn just on the skin.

Below is a better close up of how the Brow Enhancer ( this is on the other brow as found it easier to get a close up on this side )                     

I was given the Silk Chocolate ( Dark ) which I thought may be too dark, looking at the pictures you can't really tell, but I would definitely prefered to have the Silk Coffee ( Medium ). I loved this product, it did everything it says it does and looks so natural and good. The price is very reasonable too as it says it lasts for 120 applications and once open will keep for up to 4 years.

The Brow Enhancer can be purchased from Silk Oil of Morroco.

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