Friday, 11 October 2013

Guest Post: 5 Steps to Apply Concealer

Concealer is a beauty essential in any woman’s make up kit that can light up a tired face and efficiently hide blemishes, but on one condition, ‘Proper Application’. Call them makeup tips or beauty tricks but here are five quick steps of how you should ideally apply the concealer to get the best results.

1.    Choose your concealer well- Concealers can come in variety of shapes, sizes and brands. When taking care of your face, always remember that brands do matter. You can’t choose something shabby to apply on your face. Also understand the purpose of buying the concealer. Is it for covering dark circles, acne or sub burn? There is wide selection available in the market as per your face needs. One should ideally pick a concealer two- three shades lighter than their skin shade.

2.    Cleanse your hands and face- Never use dirty hands to apply anything on your face. Make it a point to wash your hands before you start beautifying yourself. Also wash and cleanse your face with a face wash that suits your skin (Quick tip: Everyone has a different skin type. It is essential to understand whether you have dry or oily skin and choose your face wash accordingly). Apply moisturizer on it and wait for 10 minutes before you start using the concealer. The cleaning and moisturizer protects your skin from getting clogged and makes the makeup look more natural.

3.    Focus on the dark circles- Use your fingertips to apply several dots of the concealer under your eyes. Tap the concealer using your middle finger (Or any other finger, no hard and fast rule here) under your eyes to make sure it blends well with the skin tone. If the under eye circles are very dark, use the yellow tone concealer for best results.

4.    Don’t forget the face- Once you are done with the eyes, move onto the nose, chin and cheeks. Apply concealer on the uneven spots, acne, blemishes, burns et al and rub until it blends with the rest of the face colour. Use a fine tip brush for pimples and angled brush for scars. If any part of the face is too red, use green tone concealer to hide that as green cancels red, being opposite on the colour wheel. Make sure you never rub the concealer but just dab it smoothly across the face. Only apply a second layer if you need further coverage otherwise the skin might look unevenly coloured.

5.    The final touch- Once you are sure of the layer of concealer on your face, apply foundation to give it the final touch. Although we strongly recommend, the lesser the better. The only purpose of the foundation is to make the skin glow after all the scars on the face have been concealed. You may also dust your face lightly with compact powder to give it a nice matte finish and keep the concealer in place. The powder also tends to keep the skin dry keeping the skin from sweating too much.
You might not believe it but the way you apply your concealer can make all the difference in the way you look. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and see it for yourself.  

Author’s Bio: Sonam is a beauty blogger and she writes for various makeup and skin care websites. Some of the best available tips on skin care, hair care and makeup can be read on

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