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Clayspray - Pore Refining White Clay Mask for Face. *

Clay products are one of my most loved versions for a mask. As a beauty specialist, I know how good clay is for use as beauty ritual on the face and body due to its natural purifying and rejuvenating properties. 

It is also one the oldest beauty secrets around;
Cleopatra used clay from the Nile river and the Arabian desert over 1800 years ago, as part of her beauty ritual.

German and Roman spas have been using clay packs and treatments in the spas they built 4,000 years ago. Many of these spas still exist and use clay even today.

When I saw Clayspray on twitter as one of my recommendations to follow, I was instantly intrigued after looking at their website regards to their products. 

After contacting them to ask if I could try a sample of one of their products to try, they sent me their Pore Refining White Clay Mask for Face.

Clayspray - Patented Delivery System 
- is what makes their clay products different from anyone else's.

Using scientific enhanced clay, with macromolecular hydrogels, a new smart materials that are able to retain up to 800 times their weight in water. The clay is delivered freshly and in optimum purity through active hydrogels in a patented delivery spray format. The hydrogels are able to deliver the nutrients deep into the skin giving great benefits of moisturising, due to enhancing the firming and strengthening benefits of the clay while helping to conserve the properties and natural moisture of the product.

The clay is also given a maturation process to achieve it's optimal therapeutic efficacy which do not occur in freshly prepared clays.
With this technology, the Clayspray range can not only remove impurities and environmental toxins, they also put back minerals to nourish the skin and help to prevent ageing. Clayspray source their clay from a mine deep within the Iberian Mountains of Spain, the purest white clay on earth, formed 100 million years ago it is enriched with mineral content. The minerals include silica which helps to boost collagen, Calcium to promote healthy cell regeneration and potassium to help lock in moisture. Each clay mask also contains the highest percentage of clay compared to any other mark on the market.

To keep the clay in its purest form when it arrives to you, the clay has been packed into a portable patented cylinder that has a unique dual-chamber within an air-tight compartment. This enables the clay to remain isolated from air propellant upon delivery to the keep the clay fresh and pure. A special dispensing mechanism has been designed to ensure the clay does not dry or clog the pump. This feature keeps the clay hygiene, fresh and easy to use from the first to the last facial. 

How to use and my thoughts on the product

To use the clay they recommend preparing the skin with their mineral rich H20 Spray (£17.50 125ml ) for ultimate indulgence. The clay is than gently smoothed onto the face and neck, left to dry and wash off with warm water.

As I didn't have the H20 spray, I used my toner which contained spring water in before applying the clay to my face.

Instantly you can feel the difference from this clay product to any other clay product you may have used. It is very smooth, and feels gorgeous on the skin. A 30ml is said to give you approx 5-6 facials. I used one pump as it didn't say how much to use and it produced a thin layer on the face. They clay dried in around 5-10 mins which is normal for this type. However, the drying effect is most definitely more pronounced than any clay mask I have used before. It felt it was really firming your skin as it tighten ( in a good way by the way! ) yet it was still very soft to touch when dry and although it felt very tight, it felt comfortable on the skin too. I really enjoyed having the mask on and it felt so relaxing ( especially as being 36 weeks pregnant, it was like stepping into a proper salon and having a clay facial ).
It was also the most easiest clay mask to wash off!  It just melted away with the water instantly. I have used clay masks where I have had to use a facial cloth to help wash it off and taken a good few mins. Clayspray I wash off with just my hands in seconds.

My face also felt great, very comfortable and moisturised and not left feeling dried out. My pores were refined, my skin tone was a lot more even and brighter too. it certainly delivered what the Pore Refining White Clay mask was supposed to do - Exfoliates, Removes Impurities and Smoothes!

I really enjoyed using this clay and would definitely try the other ranges and invest in the spring water spray to use with it.

The clay comes in a 125ml for £44.50 - giving you approx 17 facials ( which when you look at individual per facial works out at £2.61 which is a hell a lot cheaper than going to salon.

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