Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It took me to have a baby to realise what I wanted in life.

Before I had Izzy, who is coming up to 3 this year, I was a typical carefree soul working a 9/5 office jobas an European Import Clerk and partying all the time. Yes I had done the whole college and uni thing but never really thought about want I really wanted to do.

When Izzy came into my life everything changed. I had met her dad a few months before I fell pregnant, and than moved to a new town with a mortgage 2 days before she arrived. With deciding to bring Izzy up full time and not having any friends close here, I decided to go into direct selling to give me some adult time and try and meet some new people. It was after my second DS company I went with back in April 2009 that made me realise what I wanted in life and to become a Beauty / Holistic Therapist.

I did a little research into what course's I need to do, what examinng bodies were recongised, insurance etc was need to get me going. With having a toddler at home I really wanted to go back to college as felt Izzy was ready to go to a nursery after spending the first 2 years with me. So I registered with the local college, I got my place, some funding for Izzy childcare and my kit, the only thing stopping me was to find the finance for the course as I wasn't eligable for funding. I applied for a CDL and the college did there part to register with the CDL, however my application failed and I was extremely upset as it also meant my other option of learning from home and doing a intense week couse with another college I wouldn't be able to get finance for either.

Despite this I still held on to my dream. I registered with a agency to work for them covering retail brands as a sales assistant, as well as running three home business's in order to give me some finance after all the bills and childcare paid for to finally start working towards my dream.

I am so excited!!!!!! Finally I have now managed to enrol on two course's from home with practicle workshops to get my qualifications as an Aromatherapist and Beauty Therapist.  The wait for the first lot of course materials is painfully slow as so egar to get started, however the wait is coming to an end.

As much as I look back and think why I didn't do this the first time round when I 16, I am a firm believer that things happen because they are meant to happen, I have strong background in admin, market research and other skills that will make me transistion into running my own business easier.

Follow me, as I acheive me life goal.

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