Monday, 12 September 2011

The reflection in the mirror.

As I approach my 29th birthday this month, the more I think about how close I am at hitting 30! 30 is an number that just seems like your offically an adult. I mean, in your 20's your still out clubbing, eating junk, looking prime, your figure is still amazing and your feel like you have nothing to fear. Well this is how it feels to me. I suspect some of the issues are from working in a prestigious department store in the beauty hall surrounded by beautiful young girls. Plus having a three year old, seems to put a strain on my blood pressure lol. I look in the mirror at times looking for the first flaws in my skin, those fine lines, uneven skin tones, and of course the issue with my mummy figure doesn't help. Nor the fact that I still feel at time mentally like 25 lol So as I start slapping on the anti- aging serums, creams and thinking about which diets to start to make me feel slim again, I am going to write a list of what I like to achieve by the time I hit 30, My first item on the list is something I never really had to do or interest in doing till I had my little one and that is to get my driving license. 2 is to qualif as a beauty therapist and aromatherapist 3 to go on holiday abroad ( yes I know I have so missed out ) 4 to acheive my ideal weight/figure and be happy with it 5 to enjoy a good pampering in a spa As I try to make a list, and read though how I feel, Did anyone else feel weird about turning the big 30??? Is it really such a big deal or just another number? I know my partner had a problem before he turned 30 1 1/2 year ago, and when he did it was just like any other birthday, just a year older. But why do we feel like this when start to reach this number? Is it the thought of growing old, is cause this is the age or round about the age you remember your parents being once? I guess I will find out in a years time, but until than, I certianly seem to have an issue with the number.

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  1. I was feeling the same as you when I turned 29 and by the time I turned 30 this year I felt a lot different, it really didn't bother me either way. Hopefully you will too.